Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Featured Mega-Family

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Our current featured blogger is...


"Wife to the Rockstar", mom of TEN beautiful children, wrote a beautiful post about finding out what God's desires for our families are. She shares my sentiments exactly, and I think all of you mega-fams will be able to relate well with what she wrote. Probably one of the most poignant things she wrote was this...

"The saddest conversations to me are the ones that start out like this......
"I always wanted more.... BUT.... *fill in the blanks*.
Often their reasons are worldly. And in their eyes I see emptiness and regret. My heart breaks as I think about these women. They were lured by the world into thinking that children are a burden, not a blessing. Often these women are past child bearing years, some even elderly."

Thank you for sharing, Wife to the Rockstar. Click HERE to read her entire post.

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